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Latest releases

ANI71: Production and use of milk by unit
BARO6: Trends in industry, monthly by industry (DB07), indicator, assessment and progress
BARO6K: Trends in industry, balances, monthly (seasonally adjusted) by indicator, seasonal adjustment and progress
BARO7: Assessments in Industry, monthly by industry (DB07), indicator and assessment
BARO7K: Assessments in Industry, balances, monthly (seasonally- and break adjusted) by indicator and seasonal adjustment
BARO8: Confidence indicator for the Industry by indicator and seasonal adjustment
BARO8K: Confidence indicator for the Industry (break adjusted) by indicator and seasonal adjustment
DNRENTD: Danmarks Nationalbank's official interest rates and money and capital market interest rates by item, country and methodology (daily observations)
DNUPI: Foreign portfolio investment by balance, item, domestic sector, currency, country, foreign sector and maturity (original maturity)
DNVALD: Daily exchange rates by currency and type
DNVPDKBR: VP-registered securities by type of security, currency, issuer industry, investor industry, valuation and data type
DNVPDKF: VP-registered securities by ISIN codes
DNVPDKR: VP-registered securities, mortgage-credit bonds
DNVPDKS: VP-registered securities by issuer and investors sector (main table)
DNVPDKU: VP-registered securities - dividends
DNVPEJER: Investor concentration in Danish mortgage-credit bonds by ISIN
DNVPSTRH: Structured bonds by underlying asset types and investor sector
DNVPSTRS: Structured bonds by characteristics
DNVPU: Danish securities issued abroad
DODC1: Deaths per day (experimental statistics) by sex and age

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